Friday, June 24, 2016

England Adventure continues

Friday morning I woke up to the beautiful sun shine, I could hear birds chirping I knew it was going to be a great fun day. When I was going to get my breaky I sat on the stairs and bumped on my bun all the way down, it was like going on the dumbest rollercoster ever.  As I walked into the kitchen I was surprised to see Uncle Tom and Aunty Sonia because I thought they would be at work.  Uncle Tom is a police officer and Aunty Sonia is a lawyer.  There was nothing interesting that morning to do.
That afternoon my dads friend AJ came round and he brought his son and daughter. Their names are Dylan and Thiya.  For tea we had a roast with squishy peas, cauliflower cheese and yorkshire pudding.

I woke up to my dad screaming the house down because England had beaten Australia!  I started to scream the house down because I found out my rugby team won 20-1.
We went to the shopping centre to get my hair cut because it was long and messy. But we had to wait 45 minutes so dad and mum went shopping.  For lunch everyone zoomed off to maccas but me and my dad stayed behind because we don't like macDonalds so we had a a "bacon sammy" as my dads says.

Around 4:30 being typical Indian late aunty trude came round with her sister Dilly and Shreya and Krish.  I sprinted upstairs to get on my suit with a tie, jeans and gel in my hair.

Sunday.  I woke up to the sound of banging I opened the door slowly like a sloth picking a fruit from a tree and Uncle Tom was in the attic searching for something it was the wii games and the wii.  As soon as I saw mario kart I was like a monkey teasing a crocodile so we chilled and played Mario kart.  Jasmine fliped the mini pool table over and sat in it to do a wee wee but Uncle Tom picked her and flipped her over and the wee went all over Neena and dad.
At the end of the day we drove to the train station and dropped mum off because she was leaving to go back to New Zealand.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My England Trip

Story 1: 
We are in England!!! It feels great to be in England. I'm staying at my Aunty Sonia's and my Uncle Tom's house. They have two kids that are my cousins. The oldest ones baby is Cameron. He is cute and very cuddly. The youngest one is Jasmine, she hates me and cries a lot. 

Uncle Jason, my dad's brother, picked us up with grandma and our other cousins, Jake and Charlotte. Jake and Charlotte are both older than me but Charlotte is only four days older. We went to their house. We stayed there for an hour. We had lunch. My cousin, who is 12, made lunch which was Sheppard's  pie. The weather was 23 degrees so we all chilled and had fun. It was so hot that I had to have an ice cold drink and an ice block. After that, we went to Aunty Sonia's, where we slept for the night. 
Time to go to Poornima mamis!! (mami and mama are Indian for Aunty and uncle on mothers side) 
I jump on the tramp, and I have an idea. I turn on the hose, strip down to my undies and I jump on the tramp again because it was so hot. The hose cooled me down. 
I got to eat potato curry in toasties. It was delicious! 
For the first time, I tried a mango. It was very sweet and it was squishy. 

Story 2: 
Time to go to the science museum. The science museum had tickets and planes. On the way to the museum there was lots of traffic!
It is very hot in London, so hot that everyone wanted water as soon as we got there. 
My favourite thing was the planes. The first ever double decker plane is called a Boeing 747. This is the plane that brought us the term, the jumbo jet. 
When we walked in, the first thing I saw was a steam train engine and a piece of the moon with rockets. We saw Neil Armstrong's rocket. 

That night I found a frog. The frog was green and gooey. 

Time for shopping! Where are we going? It looks like we are going to a shop called Next. We had lunch at a cafe but I cannot remember the name. I had macaroni and cheese 
To be continued...