Friday, March 31, 2017

Camp again

Hi welcome back today I am doing my camp letter because I heard my link to the rest of my letter didn't work so hear it is

To Todd thank you for making me laugh and teaching me a lot of things in Maori and English ;). You helped me heaps and looked after me. Thank you because you helped with the cooking, cleaning  judging, master chef and for coming. Without you no one would be at camp. You have made us smile so we will make you happy. Thank you for looking after me in school and out.
You made us smile and you made it big so we will fill your heart with something that something will be joy so enjoy this and that is what I will bring. You can smile and you can cry but I promise you that you won't fly so remember this and you will cry.
I hope that made you cry with joy but I know you so… you didn't. I hope you had fun at camp because everyone else did.
You're sincerely CHARLIE


  1. wow love the post and love all the added deaital

  2. This is awesome charlie it's well explaneid how cool Tod was during camp. This is a great peice of writing.
    tino pai charlie!

  3. wow charlie I love your letter it is very good
    I think you can add what you liked about camp but apart from that I love it

  4. cool letter its is a good story

  5. Great Piece of writing Charlie! I love how you explained how much you loved Camp and showing you respect for the parents. Keep up the great work Charlie Tino Pai!

  6. Very nice Charlie. I'm sure if Todd read this it would make him very happy.
    Love Dad.

  7. wow Charlie! your have lots of good detail