Tuesday, July 25, 2017


 Self-Reflection questions for reports

A time I have shown leadership in Rimu Hub was in the first week of school when I helped some of the year 4s settle into Rimu hub.
The thing I am most proud of in Rimu Hub so far this year is my waka art because it really explains me.
My favourite subject is reading because I have really improved since last year.
I am a fast learner at most things but at others I am a slow learner.
The learning muscle have I been mainly focussed on is making links because I need to make links in my learning.

You may also write your own comment below if you wish.
I think we need to do more PE.

Week 1/2 maths

Here is my math task I hope you enjoy

              Task one                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Day one: Clive to Clifton 11.9 k,
clifton to clive 11.9 k = 23.8 k

Day two: Clive to taradale 13.6k  
Taradale to clive 13.6k = 27.2 k

                  Altogether 51k

                  Task two

  Cost of building.1385 cost of painting 750 .ALTOGETHER 2135.

                  Task 3

How many states are there in usa.52
,How many countries are there in the world.196
,what is the biggest country in the world.brasil
,how many countries are there in asia.
,what's the biggest continent in the world.russia
, are there more countries in the northern hemisphere then the southern hemisphere.no


                    Task 4
Perimeter: 30.2 area: 12 depth: 3 volume: 1087.2

Name art

This is my name art that I did today it is going to be on my tote-tray. We had 3 options to choose from they were drawing, graffiti creator and 3D sculpture. I chose graffiti creator please comment on what I could change or add.