Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dream Holliday

                                                  The Ant Battle                       
                               DUN DUN DUN!!!!
 Once upon an ant there was 2 boys that went by the name of Noah & Charlie. They were very good friends and they both loved coke like so much they would die for it. Now one morning they woke up to a big surprise, it was a bottle filled with the one and only Coca Cola. And of course they grabbed I mean name another 2 maori kids who wouldn’t grab it. So after we grabbed it there was a mysterious red button and Charlie can’t handle red buttons. So he pressed the button and both of them got teleported to the landfill! They tried to run out but they stood on the one and only ‘Queen Ant’! They heard a squish as they were running so they ran even faster and waiting at the exit was a sea of ants and behind them was a different rent looking ant because this ant was wearing a golden crown and a fluffy robe! Suddenly he held up this machine and it was a totem looking ant (it was a golden trophy thing) with its hands up and in the middle was this magic ball that was a glowing yellow colour. The mysterious looking ant held the totem above his head and a magical glowing beam came flying at the Maori 9 Year Olds. And they got transformed into the size of an ant (Not a literal ant but the size of one)! They ran as fast as they could and they jumped up onto a roof and then did the cartoon slip on a banana peel and fell into a purple van. 10 Minutes later… they feel the van stop and the boot opens and they fall into a box. They can’t see anything but they feel something familiar. The box opens and gets tipped onto a conveyor belt and it starts running. They start to find out where they are because there are 1,000,000 Chocolates! “Bro, We’re at the Cadbury Factory!” Says Noah with his eyes as big as a saucer. And of course the 2 Maori boys eat all of the chocolates! Suddenly they both feel something stick to there back “I can’t move!” Screams Charlie as we both realise that we are stuck in a chocolate bar wrapper! “AAAAAAHHHHH” They both yelp as the get wrapped and thrown into a truck… “Where are we?” questions Noah “We’re at the dairy!” answers Charlie while making a river with his saliva. Suddenly we hear in a cute voice “Hey!” says the mysterious ant “What is your name” yells Noah “I’m King Ant, the most powerful ant in the world” screams King Ant “Okay?” replies Noah & Charlie. “We are going to kill you!” Demands the sea of ants “Haha whatever” giggle Noah & Charlie “bring it on boooooy!” says the King Ant “Charge!”. All the ants charge but Noah & Charlie have heaps of skill so they smack all the ants faces and defeat all of them using the sword lollies that were incredibly delicious...  All of the ants were finished except for ONE and it was the one and only midget ant, so midget that even we were the size of an ant and we still stepped on it. Suddenly in the corner of their eyes they see the Ant totem thingy mabob and they pick it up and turn themselfs back… Meanwhile back at Noah’s Kitchen… “Bro that was meeeaaan ay” “Hard bro that was lit” Says the boys as the start a conversation. And then Noah said “Haha so much for a bottle of coke!”. THE END P.S Don’t drink coke kids