Friday, September 23, 2016

Progecet Based Learning

Hi I am Charlie and this is my PBL
I hope you like it.My PBL is about pole vault
it has every thing you need to now before you start to
play and it also has facts that you can tell your friends about and you can
learn them so you can now them off the tip of your head that is all bye

Project Topic: pole vault slideshow

Photo/Screenshot of Project (insert below)
Screenshot 2016-09-15 at 12.18.09 PM.png Screenshot 2016-09-15 at 12.17.52 PM.pngScreenshot 2016-09-15 at 12.17.17 PM.png

Finish these starters:
  • Something I enjoyed about my project was working on something new          because I have never really done it before.

  • The most challenging thing about my project was doing the video at the end of the slideshow  because I had to write down what I had to say it was hard to find a space to record my voice.  
  • The main skill I got better at was taking notes I got better at it by writing down everything I learnt.

  • Something interesting I learnt was pole vault was first attempted in Germany 188.                       

  • What I would most like to change about my project is I would like to change it to a model. I think it would be more fun to do a model.

  • I would like to do my next PBL about life in rimu hub.

Choose three learning muscles and explain how you used them during your PBL.

Absorption because I was all was absorbed in my learning.
Collaboration because in my learning buddy group we were all helping each other
Planning because at the start of pbl I went straight on to planning for pbl
   Create a Description of Your Project
This needs to have either video or audio. You can use any app you like. Include a link here. You will embed it as part of your Reflection PBL Blog Post.


  1. WOW Charlie good job love the vocab and detail that you put in to it you are a star keep it up i liked watching the videos a swell and i like how you have done it and set it up keep it up well done CHARLIE Love it

  2. Wicked presentation, son. I watched you work on this assignment and I am proud to watch you grow as a learner and researcher. Good work, baby.

  3. i love it charlie good gob

  4. very clever just Nana

  5. Wow charlie you have got a lot of questions and I like the videos

    I think I like pole volt now :) :0