Tuesday, July 25, 2017


 Self-Reflection questions for reports

A time I have shown leadership in Rimu Hub was in the first week of school when I helped some of the year 4s settle into Rimu hub.
The thing I am most proud of in Rimu Hub so far this year is my waka art because it really explains me.
My favourite subject is reading because I have really improved since last year.
I am a fast learner at most things but at others I am a slow learner.
The learning muscle have I been mainly focussed on is making links because I need to make links in my learning.

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I think we need to do more PE.

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  1. I agree Charlie, PE is awesome, we should do it more often. You are a FAST learner when you want to learn it! If you don't care about it then you find excuses that say it's too hard. You love being challenged though, and when you find something that interests you but challenges you, that's when you work best.
    I love your enthusiasm for school and would love to see you push yourself at home as well.