Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How maui slowed the sun

Long ago
Te ra the sun began to move to fast so there was never time in the day to do everything they needed to do.

People couldn't do much about it but Maui had a plan he gathered his four brothers but they did not agree to maui's plan so maui had to convince them to slow the sun with him. They started to make strong ropes but the brothers were not happy about slowing the sun because they thought they would dey. The ropes are ready at last they set off at last light so no one knew they were coming.

It was many miles to the home of the sun but the brothers never stopped the ground slowly  started to get warmer but no one made a sound. Soon they reached the great pit of the sun. They started to build a wall out of rocks and pieces of the earth.

The sun slowly started to rise “brothers don’t throw the ropes until he said otherwise we would fail” hissed maui as maui was commanding his brothers to throw the ropes when he said the fiery flames came over the wall.

Then the burning hot eyes of te ra came above the wall once the wight hot teeth popped out above Maui jumped to his feet and lift his grandfather's jaw bone and smacked it on te ra’s nose after about 23 hits with the magic jawbone Te ra was starting to cry and whing maui gave the signal to throw the ropes once the sun was weak and tired the brother’s loosen the ropes and the sun slowly drifted out into the day and if you look clossly you can see the magic ropes    

This is my writing about Maui and The Sun. I am proud of my paragraphs.

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